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"buddy4you" is the name of our school program whose task is to inform students, teachers and also parents about bullying and above all to prevent it, before it can begin. For this purpose, we have developed a well thought through concept that involves all participants (students, teachers, parents) and also gives us enough time to fulfill our mission "successfully".

Our school program consists of the following steps:

During the course of the workshop, there will be two additional extremely important topics, which will be included:

  • Todays image of men and women conveyed to our children

  • Each and every person is valuable and has the right to exist

Many children are forced by their environment into a false role model, which does not correspond to their actual nature. This often causes grave, inner conflicts, insecurities and self-doubt, which often leads to young people developing very low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and not being able to find their own place in life and society. We try to prevent this in our workshop in the form of exercises, discussions and games.


Step 1:

Discussing with the class teacher and/or 2-3 other teachers to discuss the class's "status quo":

  • What is the climate in the classroom?

  • Are there signs of bullying or problems within the class community?

  • Have there been any difficulties in the past especially over longer periods of time?

Step 2:

A very important aspect for us is the involvement of parents in the process. For this reason, we organize parents nights "prior" to our workshop. 

This should serve as:

  • To sensitize parents and be more attentive to changes in their children’s behavior pattern

  • To explain the difference between bullying and "quarrels" among young people

  • To optimize the handling of their own children and possibly to rethink

Step 3:

In a 2-day workshop, we work together with students on the topic of "bullying". Our primary goal is "avoidance", to prevent bullying from even happening. We dive deep into the subject to show students what their behavior, their intervention and above all, what their non- intervention can cause.

The main goal here is that students begin to develop EMPATHY for others. In the future, they are to look behind the faade and no longermake judgment solely on the basis of "appearance".


The most important aspect of our mission is "SUSTAINABILITY".

After the conclusion of the workshop, no student will be left behind. That's why we offer a variety of tools to stay in touch and to give the opportunity to contact us at any later time for assistance or advice.



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