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The term bullying comes from the English language and means "victimize/mob someone".

It is often difficult for outsiders to identify whether it is a juvenile dispute or an actual bullying situation. In order to consider an actual case of bullying, the following 4 criteria must be given: CLICK HERE


Bullying is always a group phenomenon that does not just consist of perpetrators and victims, but also involves many more people in a class or group who play a variety of different roles. (e.g., reinforcer, defender, etc.)


Causes and motivations for bullying are e.g. origin, sexuality, appearance, religion, clothing, stature, etc. However, it is always about the sense of power and to increase of one's own status within a group. 


According to a study (HBSC, 2014), 32% of students in Austria have already been victims of bullying and 35% were even participators..

This is why bullying prevention should be a top priority in our schools in order to intervene before bullying can even begin.

In our workshops or bullying itself, a major part is always about the mental as well as the physical health of children and adolescents. Especially bullying usually has devastating effects on the psyche and thus also on the physical well-being, since these two go hand in hand.


Unfortunately, many sufferers take these mental and physical wounds into adulthood and suffer their entire lives from their effects.
(Bulimia, depression, suicidal thoughts, violence, etc.)


That is why we see it as our task to carry out a great deal of prevention and intervention work with this project, which must be viewed as a precautionary measure to ensure the health of our youth - both physically and mentally - and intervene in good time before you can expect late effects.


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