Together against bullying 


In a 2-day workshop, we will work together with students on the issue of bullying. In order to evaluate the current state of the class, we involve teachers and parents in the forefront in order to incorporate this into the workshop.


In addition to scratching the surface of the topic in our workshop, we dig deeper to tackle the root of the problem. That's why we look at the topics that most often cause bullying:





  Domestic violence


In the form of working groups, games, discussions and video material, we engage in dialogue with students, where they can share their own perspective and experiences, but at the same time also allow them to get to know different perspectives.


We want to convey the awareness that one should not judge anything as right or wrong, but that there are different ways of life and views that one can or cannot agree with or represent, but nevertheless has to accept.


"Todays image of men and women"

Todays image of men and women" conveyed to our children today. Children are often insecure and do not know what to expect or how to act properly.


The media and our society often draw a picture of boys who need to be strong, to not show any emotions and/or weaknesses. Girls, on the other hand, should be proper, pretty, adapt and are not allowed to be boisterous.

Unconsciously, children are often forced by their own parents into a role that does not correspond to their nature and thus triggers a serious inner conflict.

Every human being is valuable

The main focus of our workshop is to communicate in an effective way that everyone is a worthy individual, who has a right to exist.

Parents and teachers are often overwhelmed. The desires of their children are not seen or taken seriously and even ignored. Instead of supporting children with praise and esteem, they are criticized, often condemned, ignored, and often develop wrong beliefs.

We have set ourselves the goal of strengthening the self-confidence of children and teenagers and helping them to recognize their own self-worth.


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